Nelson Hollow Bridge


Nelson Hollow Bridge

Mill Brook 0.5

Description: Nelson Hollow Bridge is a wooden covered bridge located near the mouth of Mill Brook accessed from Lyons' Lane off of Route 8 in the eastern most region of the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi.

Heritage Value: The Nelson Hollow Bridge is valued for its architecture unique to a bygone era. It is also valued for its nostalgic and aesthetic appeal. The current bridge was built in 1899-1900 and replaced the former structure which stood in the same spot since 1870. Wooden bridges were susceptible to harsh seasonal  climates and a covered barn-like structure became a popular addition to the construction of bridges during this era because it greatly extended the lifespan to the bridge. Covered wooden bridges, like this one were also known as "kissing bridges" and were often associated with courting couples as places of romantic settings.

In 1977 this place received restoration and work through the efforts of the Doaktown Historical Society. It is closed to vehicular traffic and is seasonally accessible to pedestrian traffic.

Source: Rural Community of Upper Miramichi, Site File #09-13

Character-defining Elements: The character-defining elements relating to the Nelson Hollow Bridge include:

  • wooden beam and plank of Howe Truss Construction;
  • typical design with covered bridges of Rural New Brunswick;
  • span distance of 24.54 metres;
  • Bridge length of 26 metres and width of 4.75 metres;
  • simple lines and lacking in ornamentation;
  • hipped roof clad in wooden shingles;
  • sided in vertical boards;
  • 45 degree angle road approach consistent with bridge design layout;
  • unpainted.



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