Chris Whalen Residence

Chris Whalen

Chris Whalen Residence

6192 Route 8

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Description: The Chris Whalen Residence is a two and a half story Gothic Revival Home, built circa 1865, and it is located on the South Side of the main thoroughfare in the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi. It is situated among a grouping of historic homes in the community of Boiestown.

Heritage Value: The Chris Whalen Residence, or Whalen's Hotel, is designated a Local Historic Place for it's architecture, for its association with its first resident Christopher Whalen and for its associative historical significance within the community. The Chris Whalen Residence is the finest example of Gothic Revival architecture within the area. It is believed to have been constructed about 1865 by Mr. Whalen, who was a blacksmith by trade, and by local carpenter Mr. Cameron. Whalen operated a stage coach stop here and took overnight guests. Whalen's Hotel was also a terminus for the transient lumberman and log drivers from the upper reaches of the Miramichi  River's tributaries following the season's end. During the heyday of lumbering, Boiestown carried a "rough and tumble" reputation that has been immortalized in poem and song. Whalen's Hotel was known as a gathering place where woodsmen would challenge their brute strength in boxing matches within the place's barn in an area cordoned off with a multicolored pennant. Mr. Whalen also operated a grocery store and post office from a one and a half story structure alongside the home. Following his death in 1893, his children continued to operate the grocery store. Grandson Joe Whalen operated the post office from here following WWII until his untimely death in 1954.

Source: Rural Community of Upper Miramichi, Site File #09-01

Character-defining Elements: The character-defining elements associated with the Chris Whalen Residence include:

  • two and a half story form and massing of Gothic Revival style;
  • steeply pitched lateral gable roof with central cross gable on the front façade;
  • balanced window placement and centrally located double Gothic style entrance with stained glass sidelights and transom;
  • wide eaves and brackets;
  • narrow corner boards;
  • enclosed veranda on the front façade extending to an open side veranda.

Some character-defining elements associated with the interior of the Chris Whalen Residence include:

  • original plastered walls;
  • vertical panel boards to shoulder height in front area of home;
  • pressed tin on walls and ceiling area.

The character-defining elements associated with the adjoin structure include:

  • simple one and a half story utilitarian structure;
  • wide eaves and returns with brackets.



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