Fairley Cemetery

Fairley Porter Cementary

Fairley Cemetery

8 Harris Lane

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Description:  The Fairley-Porter Cemetery is a family cemetery located on a knoll within mature woods near the edge of operational farmland at the terminus of Harris Lane in the Taxis River region of the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi.

Heritage Value: The Fairley-Porter Cemetery is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with the Fairley Family. It is believed to be the resting place for the twenty members  of the Fairley family. Irish immigrant John Fairley, the original grant holder on which the cemetery is found, is interred here. The descendants of  became prominent business members of the community and were involved in the lumber and merchant trades. His children were Trustees of the local Methodist Church and instrumental in seeing the establishment and construction of the Boiestown Methodist Church in 1868 and the parsonage, which was built on Fairley land about 1875.

This private family cemetery was utilized prior to the inception of the area's Methodist cemetery, bearing burial dates in the first half of the 19th century. The Fairley-Porter Cemetery is significant as it is a reminder of a past tradition with early settlement families and their religious beliefs.

Source: Rural Community of Upper Miramichi, Site File #09-10

Character-defining Elements: The character-defining elements associated with Fairley-Porter Cemetery include:

  • elaborate wrought iron fence surrounding child's grave;
  • sandstone and marble grave markers and foot markers;
  • unmarked gravesites;
  • sections of remnant wire garden fencing and ornate handmade bric-a-brac fencing;
  • overgrown in natural mature woods.



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