Ashley Colter - Refuse Burner

Refuse Burner

Ashley Colter - Refuse Burner

6459 Route 8

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Description:  The Refuse Burner is a steel structure completed in 1968. This community landmark is situated on the south side of Route 8 in McCarthy Flats, within the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi.

Heritage Value: The Refuse Burner is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with saw-milling during an earlier era when forestry practices were not adjusted to the use of wood fibre waste. This landmark is a reminder of the heritage of the woods industry of this small lumbering community.

This sheet steel structure was the smaller of the two "beehive burners" fabricated and installed by York Steel Company of Fredericton in 1967-1967 for Ashley Colter company, a long-standing lumbering firm established in the upper reaches of the Miramichi River Woodlands. The larger structure was dismantled in 2007. These burners were used to burn bark, edgings and sawdust from the adjacent sawmill and were utilized for a decade, until a more environmental and economical use was found for the waste material, as hog fuel. This structure was then used as a storage facility for the product.

Source: Rural Community of Upper Miramichi, Site File #09-17

Character-defining Elements: The character-defining elements of this structure include:

  • beehive style construction;
  • fabricated of steel;
  • situated within milling operation.



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