Chris Whalen Residence

Chris Whalen

Chris Whalen Residence

6192 Route 8

PID# 40089690

Description: The Chris Whalen Residence is a two and a half story Gothic Revival Home, built circa 1865, and it is located on the South Side of the main thoroughfare in the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi. It is situated among a grouping of historic homes in the community of Boiestown.

Heritage Value: The Chris Whalen Residence, or Whalen's Hotel, is designated a Local Historic Place for it's architecture, for its association with its first resident Christopher Whalen and for its associative historical significance within the community. The Chris Whalen Residence is the finest example of Gothic Revival architecture within the area. It is believed to have been constructed about 1865 by Mr. Whalen, who was a blacksmith by trade, and by local carpenter Mr. Cameron. Whalen operated a stage coach stop here and took overnight guests. Whalen's Hotel was also a terminus for the transient lumberman and log drivers from the upper reaches of the Miramichi  River's tributaries following the season's end. During the heyday of lumbering, Boiestown carried a "rough and tumble" reputation that has been immortalized in poem and song. Whalen's Hotel was known as a gathering place where woodsmen would challenge their brute strength in boxing matches within the place's barn in an area cordoned off with a multicolored pennant. Mr. Whalen also operated a grocery store and post office from a one and a half story structure alongside the home. Following his death in 1893, his children continued to operate the grocery store. Grandson Joe Whalen operated the post office from here following WWII until his untimely death in 1954.

Fairley Cemetery

Fairley Porter Cementary

Fairley Cemetery

8 Harris Lane

PID# 40340150

Description:  The Fairley-Porter Cemetery is a family cemetery located on a knoll within mature woods near the edge of operational farmland at the terminus of Harris Lane in the Taxis River region of the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi.

Heritage Value: The Fairley-Porter Cemetery is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with the Fairley Family. It is believed to be the resting place for the twenty members  of the Fairley family. Irish immigrant John Fairley, the original grant holder on which the cemetery is found, is interred here. The descendants of  became prominent business members of the community and were involved in the lumber and merchant trades. His children were Trustees of the local Methodist Church and instrumental in seeing the establishment and construction of the Boiestown Methodist Church in 1868 and the parsonage, which was built on Fairley land about 1875.

James Daniel MacMillan Residence

James Daniel MacMillan Residence

6170 Route 8

PID# 40089757

Description: The James D. MacMillan residence is a Queen Anne Revival home located on the south side of Route 8 in the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi. It is situated within a grouping of period homes in the region of Boiestown.

Heritage Value: The James D. MacMillan Residence is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with its first owner, James D. MacMillan, a descendant of  a longstanding family name in Boiestown. MacMillan, like his father and grandfather, was involved in lumbering in this region. James D was long affiliated to the business firm established by successful lumberman William Richards, also of this community. The Queen Anne Revival home is also valued for its architectural detail. Built near the turn of the 19th century, this place is a very elaborate home situated in this rural lumbering community. It was built within a grouping of MacMillan family homes. The queen Anne Revival style is reflected in details such as the variety of sheathing styles, the overall asymmetrical massing and the classical inspired portico. The immense barn located on the grounds indicated the prominence of the property owner of that time.

Henry Braithwaite Cabin

Henry Braithwaite Cabin

Henry Braitwaite Cabin

6342 Route 8

PID# 40088650

Description:  The Henry Braithwaite Cabin is a one story rustic trapper's cabin, It has been relocated to the Central NB Woodmen Museum and is situated in a natural setting within the compound on the south side of Route 8 in the Boiestown Region of the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi.

Heritage Value: The Henry Braithwaite Cabin is designated a Local Historic Place for its architecture and for its association with the province's most renown trapper and hunting-fishing guide during the turn of the 19thh century. The rustic architecture yet fine craftsmanship displayed in its construction shed light on a bygone era and way of life. Henry Braithwaite has been seen as the first hunting guide to promote the trade of "hunting sports" from abroad into the natural environs of New Brunswick. Braithwaite learned and honed his woodman's skills under the guidance of Maliseet guide Gabe Acquin, with whom he travelled as a boy. He gained world-wide notoriety and recognition for inherit passion of wildlife and guiding skills throughout his life and was highly sought after by seasoned hunters from many areas of the world. He carried on his lifestyle of living alone in the wilderness of the reaches of the Southwest Miramichi River well into his eighth decade.

MacMillan Hotel

MacMillan Hotel

MacMillan Hotel

6180 Route 8

PID# 400897524

Description: The MacMillan Hotel is a two and a half storey Classical Revival Residence built in 1885. It is located on the South side of Route 8 and is situated within a grouping of period homes in the Boiestown region of the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi.

Heritage Value: The MacMillan Hotel is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with its original owner and for its architecture. Alexander MacMillan constructed this Classical Revival Home in 1885. The home is an excellent example of this style, exhibiting such traditional  features a gable roof with returned eaves, rectangular massing and overall symmetry of the front façade. It is situated within a grouping of MacMillan family homes, its prominent architecture and size exemplifying days of economic growth within the lumber trade. He and his wife Janet operated a hotel and a small store within this residence. MacMillan was involved in the lumber business here and accumulated a considerable amount of woodland. Lumbering extended into the family, with Alexander's brother Daniel acquiring their father's local sawmill. The MacMillan family was a prominent business name and synonymous with economic growth within the Boiestown community from 1850 and in the turn of the century.


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